Image: Nicola Dracoulis - Rio de Janeiro 2009
Image: Nicola Dracoulis - Rio de Janeiro 2009

Yassmin V. Foster

Image: Nicola Dracoulis 'Grupo Cultural AfroReggae nucleus Complexo do Alemão' - Rio de Janiero 2009

Yassmin V. Foster is a director of movement, creative producer, scholar and sound (system) woman. She is influenced by her heritage and experience of black culture, in particular the artistic expression of dance and music. Yassmin has worked progressively in the arts and culture sector since 1992, and her work has taken her to South and North America, Asia and Europe. She combines her artistic flare with sound knowledge and experience in finance, arts management and data analysis. Affording her upward mobility in producing work that is culturally aesthetic, social and economic. Yassmin works in live arenas, for online media and outdoor events to develop artists and audiences. And champions interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and multi artform collaborative journey's, whilst advocating for dance as intangible cultural heritage. 

Bigga Fish, Bigga Bloco rehearsals - London 2008
What is Street Dance? The Discussion Kymberley Jay, Yassmin Foster, James Narh) - London 2009
'The Corcovado' Grupo Cultural AfroReggae nucleus in Complexo do Alemão - Rio de Janiero 2009
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