Image: Nicola Dracoulis - Rio de Janeiro 2009
Image: Nicola Dracoulis - Rio de Janeiro 2009

The Corcovado - Rio Funk to London Funky

Image: Nicola Dracoulis The Corcovado shoot - London 2009

In the ongoing pursuit of worldwide dance fusion and music culture, Photographer Nicola Dracoulis teamed up with dancer Yassmin Foster for a Rio meets London skank (dance) experiment.

Yassmin and Nicola met in 2007, while working with the AfroReggae inspired Favela to the World project, that introduced young people in East London to the experience of Brazilian live communal drumming. Nicola and Yassmin discovered they share a love of the energy of new music and dance that is constantly evolving without restriction of established rules. Both were interested in investigating current trends to engage and inspire young people across different cultures in learning about each other. For their first piece of work together they wanted to bring young people in Hackney that they had come to know and love, a project they could truly relate to.


The Corcovado uses music, video and participatory dance to immerse the audience in the world of a diasporic youth culture.




Inspired by the big trend of ‘funky house skanking’ that was blowing up on the young UK scene in 2009, Yassmin and Nicola embarked on an adventure. With a passion for street culture, in particular street based dance, they decided to collaborate on producing a documentary style music video, highlighting similarities and differences by way of youth cultural exchange.


As Feijão com Arroz, the pair travelled between London and Rio, facilitating an exchange of dance movement between young people in both cities and committing the process to film.


For the music, Kye Scarlett aka Menny, a young upcoming producer from Limitlus Productions was brought in to create a track under the creative direction of Yassmin and Nicola who were looking for a funky house style track that infused an edge of the Afro-Brazilian sound.


At the end of the process, 16 young people came together in London to learn the new choreography and perform for a new dance film/music video/documentary: The Corcovado. The film can be seen below.

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